5 Tips to Make Your Laptop Last Longer

5 Tips to Make Your Laptop Last LongerYou probably use your laptop as often as your vehicle, which makes it a pretty important piece of equipment that can wear down with daily use. By taking a few preventative measures, you can protect your expensive investment and keep it running for years, without spending a lot of money on computer repair services.

1. Shut Your Computer Down Properly
This is advice you have probably heard so many times that it seems almost silly to bring it up as important computer advice, but it really is vital to keeping your laptop running properly. If you turn your computer off without letting it go through the proper shut down process, you can lose files, jeopardize your computer security, and waste energy too. Put your laptop to sleep, or through a proper shut down if you want to turn it completely off, and it will continue to run well and protect your data. Microsoft has some great advice for arranging the settings for safe sleep mode and shutdown of your laptop.

2. Use Your Laptop on a Hard Surface
It is easy to fall into the habit of simply holding your laptop on your knees, or setting it on the carpet or on a pillow in your lap, but this can actually be hard on your computer. Laptops generate heat as they run, and therefore have air vents beneath them to keep them cool. Pillows, carpets, or your lap will block these vents and keep the cool air out, which can cause your computer to overheat. This could end up making costly computer repairs necessary. A table is your best option to allow your computer to breathe, or a lap desk, which is designed for you to safely use your laptop across your knees.

3. Keep Your Computer Vents Clean
With all of the air flowing into keep your computer cool, other things are bound to get in through your vents. Usually it is something minor, like dust, but these particles can build up and block the airflow, causing your computer to heat up and possibly be damaged. To prevent this, you should clean the dust out of your laptop vents. To do this properly, without pushing dust into your computer interior, you will need to take it apart. If you are uncomfortable doing so, the best solution is to take your laptop into a professional computer repair service.

4. Install Malware Protection
Malware is the most current and dangerous security threat to your computer, and if you aren’t protected against it, harmful programs can be installed on your machine and jeopardize your information. Do some research, and consult with professional IT services, who can tell you about the different protection options available. New, high quality security programs are released daily, and by using one, you can prevent damage and security breaches in your laptop.

5. Get Regular Professional IT Services
Even by taking these necessary precautions, sometimes things can still go wrong with your computer. To prevent such things from happening, or to catch them early before they become severe, take your laptop into a local computer repair service for regular check-ups. Think of it as a doctor’s appointment to keep your computer healthy. A computer professional can tell you if anything needs to be repaired, updated, or replaced, and can keep your machine clean too.

By following these five safety and maintenance measures, you can keep your laptop running for a long time, and save yourself money, time, and headaches.

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