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5 Uses for An Old iPad or Android Tablet

Tablets are almost as commonplace as cell phones and home computers. Many households even have more than one tablet. With the race for the bigger and better smartphone, it has caused a decline in tablet sales. It is likely that you have a tablet or two just sitting around collecting dust. If this is the case, this post is for you.

We are going to take a look at 5 different ways to get new use out of your unused tablet.


*Turn it into a second desktop monitor

Having a dual screen desktop may seem like over kill to some, but to others it is a necessity. Or maybe just a really nice commodity. Sinking money into another screen may not be in the budget though. You can take your unused tablet and make it another screen. There are several apps that will let your computer treat your tablet like an extra monitor. This can happen wirelessly via Wi-Fi or with a direct USB connection. If this is something that you want to try, do a quick search to see which app will best suit your needs depending on your tablet.


*Use it as a guest or kid’s PC

If you have guests that are coming to your house chances are they will be bringing their own devices to use. If they don’t, you can easily set up a tablet as a guest computer. Having a tablet as the guest computer is nice because you don’t have to worry about setting up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. Android and iOS allows for guest mode so you can easily let someone use your system and network without them being able to access any of your personal information or accounts. If you wanted to add a stand and keyboard for easier use these are as simple as sliding the tablet into a case.

Many people also use tablets as start devices for their kids, especially if they are too young for a cell phone or computer. Parental controls and settings allow for safe web browsing and restriction on apps.


*Turn it into a security monitor or baby monitor

A tablet comes already equipped with a microphone and camera (most of the time there are two cameras). If you can find a place to plug in your tablet so it has constant power, it is well suited to be a remote control camera. There are many apps out there for iOS and Andriod that are made specifically to turn devices into a Wi-Fi camera with recording capabilities. This will also allow you to turn it into a monitor that can alert your mobile device with any noise or movement via notifications.


*Designate it for media streaming

Streaming music and videos has never been easier. Most of the apps we use on our phones are readily available on tablets as well. Connect your tablet to a good stereo or speaker system and it can be your dedicated music/video hub. Keep it in the kitchen for easy access while cooking or in the living room for a central location.


*Use it as a smart remote control

Most of us have a few different remote controls at home. You can turn your tablet into a smart remote control. Many of the devices we use offer remote apps for iOS and Android. Being able to simplify the amount of remotes on your coffee table is a huge plus.


There are many uses for tablets that are just left to collect dust. Try one of the above or get creative and share your ideas with us!