5 Ways To Help Your Computer Have The Best 2019

As the new year kicks off, people are making resolutions and goals. Why not make a commitment to getting the most out of your computer this year?

Your computer is most likely a very important piece of your home and/or business life. Ensuring that your computer has the best chance of meeting your needs in 2019, we are going to talk about five ways you can give it a good year.

Run the best security software

No one has time to deal with a computer virus. It takes away from your time and productivity and can be costly if the virus is intense. Most computers today run at least some form of basic antivirus. However, threats have become much more sophisticated, more damaging, and much more common.

Keeping up with the increasing threats requires something more than the free software a computer comes with. A good security option for your computer includes prevention, detection, firewall, and system monitoring. Together these options help provide a security system that is stronger than a regular system that comes on the device. This will keep your computer safe while going about your daily tasks.

Clean up files

Cleaning up files is the best way to gain additional storage space. You would be surprised if you look at your device how much space is being taken up by unnecessary files. This is also a frugal option. You won’t need to spend additional money on more storage space. Most computers have data hanging around from old software programs and applications that are no longer needed. If you take a little bit of time to de-clutter you could potentially free up a large amount of space.

Restart your computer

This one might sound like it isn’t that necessary. Who has time to wait for a computer to fully reboot? Most of us are on a tight schedule for work or daily life and we would like to be able to lift the lid of the laptop and get right to work or move the mouse and be ready to go.

Fully shutting down a computer and rebooting can take some time. Rebooting your device can help secure your system and help get rid of software problems. Many people haven’t fully restarted their systems in weeks or even months. You don’t need to restart your device every time you are done with it but making sure you fully shut it down occasionally can help with updates, security patches, and critical updates that your device needs to run smoothly.

Keep your computer away from dust

Dust and other debris can cause major problems for your computer and is one of the leading causes of premature computer death. The fans inside of your device are very important to the inner workings of a computer. They easily suck up dust and other debris from your house or office. This can clog the inside and overheat the internal components.

Some tips for eliminating dust would include:

  • Keep the PC tower off the carpet
  • Don’t work with your laptop sitting on floor, blankets, or other soft items.
  • Cleaning out your device – you can keep a can of compressed air near your device to clean it out


Taking the time to focus on taking better care of your device can result in its longevity and save you money in the long run. These tips do not have to be done every day which makes it easier for the average user.