6 Must-Ask Questions For IT Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Managing technology can produce many headaches for small to mid-size businesses. Most business owners want to focus on their operations rather than focusing much of their time and energy on whether or not their hardware and software will work properly. It is time to consider a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

In order for your IT to function properly, it needs steady support. If your IT isn’t kept up with ongoing service, there is a very real chance you could be setting your business up for some serious downtime. Having downtime can mean loss of clients, money, and productive time.

IT requirements are changing rapidly today. There are increased demands for Managed Service Providers who can look after a company’s IT system rather than just fix computers. With an MSP a company knows that all of their IT needs will be met.


How do you find the right IT MSP for your business?

The MSP you partner with should be a partner in every sense of he word. The right MSP partner would be one who takes an interest in the success of your business and also takes pride in providing customized guidance and support to your company. Finding the right MSP will make the difference between merely surviving an emergency and powering ahead for growth. Having the right MSP will also save you money in the long run.

Below is a list of 6 must-ask questions

*Do you have experience with disaster recovery?

Cyber attacks are growing in number every day. An attack like this can wreak havoc on your business. Many businesses are not prepared for such attacks or do not even consider the disastrous impact on data loss they can have. If you have loss of data, either because of human error or because of a cyber attack, you need an IT provider that can guarantee their services to help you.


*What is your availability after hours?

Not all businesses operate at the same time or have the same needs. It is important to find a MSP that will have the availability that your business needs. Be clear upfront about your needs and expectations for after hour service.

*How long is your contract for and can you be flexible?

The length of the contract a company is offering can give insight to the type of business you will be doing with them. It is important to find someone that fits the needs of your business. Some companies will try to offer a few years of a contract, which could potentially be a red flag. Be sure to ask about shorter contracts so you know what you are getting into and can find another provider if needed. It is also very important to get a written guarantee for the work they promise.


*How much experience does your team have?

Everyone starts somewhere. However, even if it is a new company there should be employees with long-term professional experience in IT and support.  Your business needs and deserves a company that is invested in experience, their employees, and you.


*Will a person answer the phone or will we hear a recorded message?

In our current age, automation is everywhere. It helps screen calls, accept payments, even set up appointments. When you call your IT MSP support, talking to a real person should be top priority. This needs to be true for anything regarding IT, not just when things go wrong. In addition, they should be staying in touch with you and meet with you regularly to make sure everything is working to your satisfaction.


*Can you provide quality references?

Word of mouth spreads a business like wild fire. A company should be able to provide you with references, testimonials, and endorsement. This information should be easily accessible. Some companies will even have a list of people you can contact to speak with for references so be sure to ask about those as well.


Finding a company that fits your needs is the most important aspect. Don’t take the cheapest offer or the first one to come along. Take time to get to know the company and get a feel for how they mesh with your company. Your relationship will be an important one, so taking the time to find the right fit is necessary for the growth and well being of your company.