Ask IT Support: Why Have Two Monitors?

dell_wyse_p25_largeTwo Word documents, the iMessage application, and a Chrome Web browser: how are you multi-tasking with such a saturated screen? Juggling pages and digging for buried applications means you are continually minimizing, maximizing, and resizing. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this frustration and waste of time. Here are five reasons to consider adding a second screen to your home or office set-up:

1. No More Juggling Screens

We have all experienced the difficultly of squeezing two windows side by side on a single monitor, no matter the combination of Web browsers, documents, apps, and editing software. This problem is immediately solved with dual-screens. With two monitors, you can reference an email on the left while building an Excel file to the right. Copying and pasting are quick and easy, as you can simply drag your cursor from one screen to the other without having to rearrange any applications. You can drag a window from one screen to the other as well, giving you flexibility and control over your arrangement at any given time.

If you are afraid a second monitor may be a distraction, rest assured that it is actually much more likely to save you time. One example is the ability to keep your business’ Twitter or Facebook feed open on one while focusing and working on a different task on the other screen. This enables you to see and dismiss un-important messages quickly, rather than having to locate and open your mail application each time it chimes.

2. Images or Designs Are Easy to Compare

Side-by-side comparisons tend to be easiest in person, when you can quickly glance at each product, design, or image. Comparing these on a computer screen, however, may mean minimizing, moving around, switching tabs, and zooming in and out to make the image sizes match. Once again, a dual-screen set-up fixes the problem. This is ideal for designers and photo editors, but is just as relevant for the average online shopper.

3. Increased Productivity

You may have detected a theme by now: thanks to better display options and easier application access in general, operating two monitors means increased efficiency and better work flow. You will save time previously spent flipping back and forth among various programs, applications, and Web browsers.

Many recent IT Support and business efficiency studies have attempted to track the increase in productivity when a worker or home user switches to a dual-screened set-up, and most report a significant increase in productivity.

4. Into Gaming? Enjoy an Expanded View

Numerous online games include special features for those with a two-screen set-up. Some games may offer a mini-map for one monitor so you can follow your overall position as you focus on the game at hand. Other games are designed with dual-screens in mind, to give you the optimum control and experience.

5. Simple Installation and Immediate Results

Setting up a second monitor is as simple as connecting it to your CPU and turning it on via your settings or system preferences. Depending on which programs you regularly use, you may need to upgrade your video card in order to help keep things running quickly and smoothly.

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