Cloud Productivity and Microsoft 365

Microsoft M365 is the go-to solution for cloud productivity in today’s small business world.

From email to word processing, there is something in the suites of M365 products that will get the job done. We find that Microsoft M365 paired with the right layers of security and email filters provide the best platform for cloud productivity.

Our monthly service plans come with Office M365 subscriptions for every employee, based on what their specific role and requirements are. This means every employee can take advantage of business-class email, file sharing, and the full suite of Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Teams. During your onboarding, we will discuss your employees' specific needs to help guide you in selecting the best suite that fits your needs.


92% of malware attacks are delivered by email.

Nearly half of all attacks happen by users clicking malicious links in their email

75% of overall threats are introduced to the network by email attachments.

M365 1.0

Office M365 Basic

Microsoft Office (Web Version Only)

Exchange Email (50GB Mailbox)

Microsoft Teams

One Drive

M365 2.0

Office M365 Business Standard

Microsoft Office (Full Installation)

Exchange Email (50GB Mailbox)

Microsoft Teams

One Drive

M365 3.0

Office M365 Enterprise

Microsoft Office  (Full Installation)

Exchange Email (100GB Mailbox)

Microsoft Teams

One Drive

Your M365 environment is a huge target for hackers, but part of our layered approach to security is providing 24/7 monitoring of many risk indicators. These include abnormal login times, geo-IP monitoring (i.e., why are you logging in from China, if you are in Texas), unapproved admin rights changes, and more.


M365 Threat Protection Suite

M365 Backup

Believe it or not, Microsoft is not responsible for your data and even states in their terms of service to use a 3rd party backup solution for all M365 data. So, we have you covered! Each plan comes with redundant M365 backups included.

Spam and virus-infected emails account for over half of all global email traffic and when left unfiltered, clogs your inbox with unwanted junk and sophisticated email threats. Every plan comes with our advanced email filter system that cleans and monitors email before it reaches your M365 mail server.

M365 Spam & Virus Protection


M365 Phishing Protection

Research shows that about 1 in every 99 emails sent are some sort of phishing email attempt to gain your credentials or even to infect you with ransomware and about 30% of those that make it to your inbox are opened. We utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence paired with our 24/7 security team to catch and filter out around 99% of all phishing emails before they reach your inbox.

Some organizations have a need for email archiving for various regulatory requirements, such as government open records requests. This process captures a copy of every inbound and outbound email sent to your mail server and archives it away for safekeeping. Even if a user deletes an email, maliciously or accidentally, the email is already saved and archived for historical access. This is a premium service and can be added to any service plan.

M365 Archiving

Email Encryption

Painless email encryption is possible! With our email encryption service, your email is encrypted using AES-256 standards and foolproof sign-in access to the encryption portal. Utilizing email encryption is the key to protecting sensitive data when sent via email. Along with email encryption, you gain access to a secure file sharing platform, which allows you to securely send and receive files up to 1GB in size.

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