Computer Repair Advice to Speed up Your Machine

Slow connection as a snailThere are various reasons why your computer could be running slow, but some are much more common than others. If you have purchased a brand new machine, you may not yet have taken it to a computer repair service to have it checked out. But it’s brand new right, why would it need repair or professional service to run properly? Well, if you start using that machine right now, it will probably move more slowly than you expect, and that is where a computer repair service can help you. If you prefer, however, you can attempt to take care of it yourself. It all depends on your comfort level working with technology. Here is one of the most common things that slows computers down, and a little about how it can be remedied.

Pre-Installed Software

When your machine comes out of the box, it isn’t quite the blank slate you would expect. Almost all computer companies have deals with other software producers and businesses, where they will include free or trial software on the machine you order. This software is sometimes called “crapware” because it’s useless stuff that most people don’t want in the first place. Not only will those programs almost always be there, they will be present in mass quantities. Most of this software you probably won’t use, or even realize is there until you decide to clean it up. Your new computer will probably also come to you installed with a security program that you don’t want, and those constant reminders and messages can get pretty annoying. Rather than dealing with the time and space these take up, you can get rid of them. Pre-installed software isn’t the only kind that slows computers down.

Accumulated Programs

If you have had your computer for any length of time, you have probably collected a few programs on it. Some you may know are there, and some may have been added by mistake, but if you installed them, they will stick around until you clean up your computer. They are hiding in on your machine, weighing it down and driving you crazy. It’s a common problem with computers for unknown or forgotten programs to make your computer move as slow as molasses, but it can be fixed the same way you fix crapware problems.

De-Crapify Your Computer

De-crapify isn’t exactly official language, but it’s a term that many computer savvy users know and love. It’s basically the process of removing all of the junk software that comes preloaded on a machine. It can also refer to removing all of the forgotten, unused, or unknown software that sometimes piles up. The reason many people take their machines to a computer repair specialist for this service is because it can be difficult to tell what is important or useful and what needs to go. Handy free software for cleaning up your PC at home has been developed, and can do a great job too. But, if you aren’t “tech-savvy” or don’t have the time to take care of this, a professional computer repair company is a great option. Once you have removed all of the unused junk on your machine, you should notice a decent increase in speed and efficiency.

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