Why Computer Updates Are Important

Computer Keyboard Image Prepared For The Update, art illustratioYou’ve probably seen that message on your computer several times, saying there are updates available for some program or other, and that you need to install them and restart your computer. And like most people, you probably have hit the ignore option almost every time, thinking that you would just worry about it later. While this can be acceptable once or twice, you really shouldn’t let the updates build up and get pushed farther and farther back. This can cause many complications with your computer, and end up costing you time and money. Here’s a little more information about system updates, and why you should install them as soon as possible.

What are updates?

Your computer has many different programs, many of which are necessary for basic operations. Whether it is your operating system, your anti-virus program, your malware protection, or one of the many other programs you use, it’s probably used by millions of other people around the world. All of these people need fixes when issues happen with software and programs, so rather than trying to fix things individually, the companies who produce them send out mass updates which can be accessed when your computer is connected to the internet. These repair bugs, user difficulties, security risks, and much more. When you install an update, it should help your computer and software run faster and better than before.

Why you need them

So yes, updates are put out all the time, and they are meant to alter the way your programs work for the better, but what if you aren’t noticing any issues? Does that mean you don’t need to install the updates? Well, you can choose to put the updates off if you don’t have the time, and aren’t noticing issues, but eventually you will need to install them. The longer you push updates back, the slower your computer will run, and the more risk you are taking with your security. Most programs on your computer are used by the majority of people around the world, stored on computers that have sensitive or personal data. This means that malicious hackers who want to harm your computer and steal information know that these programs are the best ways to gain access. Updates are necessary to keep the security of your software current, and protect your computer from hackers who will use the vulnerabilities of out of date software to attack you.

How to install them

Usually, installing updates is very simple. Your computer will prompt you that updates are available, and you need to click a few buttons to agree to install them now. Most of the time, your computer will ask you to close all the open programs, and then the updates will start. When they are finished, you may need to restart your computer to put them into effect. These updates are often run on a schedule, and you can look them up before you install them, to see what they will change. By installing your updates soon after they become available, you are protecting your computer and encouraging effective operations.

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