Dangers with Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of the most popular spaces in technology. IoT is the network of objects or devices connected through the internet. These physical objects usually come with sensors, some computer hardware, software, and other essential mechanical parts.

IoT devices are primarily designed to make our lives easier. Technologies like smart homes, vehicular communication systems, monitoring devices are good examples of IoT technology. Even though IoT devices help make everyday life simpler, there is a major concern about privacy and security when it comes to IoT devices.

Applications of IoT Devices

IoT devices have a lot of applications in the modern world. One of the primary applications is smartwatches. Many smartwatches come equipped with health monitoring features such as pulse monitoring, blood oxygen level monitoring, etc. We can send this data to the phone and create a decent blood and heart profile that can help us in the future. Sports smartwatches also come equipped with calorie counters to help keep a better track of our health. Smart homes are another example of IoT devices. You can control almost all of your house through your phone with the right devices. AI programs like Alexa, Google Assistant can connect to most smart devices directly and provide a universal interface for controlling all the devices.

Dangers of IoT Devices

There are numerous dangers associated with IoT devices. Privacy is one of the primary concerns of IoT devices. Most IoT devices have access to the user’s personal data such as name, phone number, mail id, and in the worst case, medical records. The thing with IoT devices is that if a vulnerability is found, it is challenging to patch it. Attackers can easily exploit these vulnerabilities before the patches are released and all the devices are patched. The primary reason for this is that IoT devices need not be connected to the internet all the time. A device can only check for patches if the device is connected to the internet. IoT devices are also widely unpopular because it is quite simple for anyone to surveil a person with these devices. Most IoT devices have constant access to the user’s location, making them the perfect tracking devices.

It isn’t tough to take control of an IoT device. Seeing how automobiles use IoT devices, an attacker can easily take advantage of the situation, causing something catastrophic with ease. The digital security of IoT devices, in general, is a major issue. This, combined with the fact that IoT devices transfer many PII, makes them the easiest targets for cyber attackers.


IoT is simply one of the best technologies designed to help in everyday life. Applications of IoT devices are potentially limitless, extending from health monitoring to controlling an entire house. However, we should also consider the dangers associated with these devices and use them carefully to avoid any security attacks.

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