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Is Your Laptop Running Too Hot?

A laptop computer contains many electronic parts, including batteries, that become warm in use. This is a very common issue. Even though this is common, your laptop should not become so hot that you can’t touch it. You can tell when your laptop is about to overheat when it becomes too hot to handle or the fan starts sounding loud.

A loud sounding fan is one of the first indicators that something is going wrong with your device. It is normal for a fan to be running, in fact it is imperative to the function of your laptop. When it starts to get louder it is working extra hard and faster in order to compensate for the excess heat. Being attentive to this can save you hassle in the future.

Why does a laptop get so hot? 

Laptops are made for ease of use and travel. Therefore, most of them are relatively small and their parts are all close together. The result of this is less room for cooling and air flow. Once you add in the battery generating heat, you can imagine how quickly your laptop can become hot.

A laptop comes equipped with a small fan that is responsible for making sure the laptop stays cool enough to function properly. Unfortunately, these fans aren’t without potential to break down or get interrupted in their tasks. A laptop fan can suck in dust, hair, and other debris that causes the fan to get clogged or coated with items that can affect its function. It will slow down the fan causing the fan to slow down and not function properly. This will allow the debris to coat the internal elements and causing it to overheat.

Aside from dust and debris that can make its way into your device, there are a few other factors that can cause your laptop to overheat. The way your laptop is being used can play a large role in the way it functions. If you are resting your laptop on thick carpet, blankets, or other soft furnishings, it can prevent the fan from functioning properly.

The best place to use your laptop is on a hard surface like a desk or table. This will allow the fans and vents to work how they are supposed to. There are also great lap desk options if sitting at a table or desk won’t work for you. Something that allows the air flow to run its proper cycle will really save your laptop life. Using your laptop one time on a surface not suitable for it is not going to cause it to break. It could, in theory, but it takes repeated offense. As the computer runs hot for longer and longer, the fans start to overcompensate. This is the reason why it is important to take the proper measures to protect your investment.

Why Does It Matter? Why Does It Matter?

You may be thinking ‘so what’ at this point. Why does it matter if my laptop gets hot and runs loud? Once your laptop starts making the loud fan sound and starts to get hot, it is already an indicator that dust and debris is getting inside. Once that happens it is much harder to clean out and will most likely require it be dismantled and cleaned out manually. As you can imagine, this is time consuming and can cost you if it is something you don’t know how to do.

Giving your laptop a solid life span just takes a little mindfulness as to how you are using it. The payout will be there in the end when you get to use it longer. Taking the proper steps ahead of time will create the longevity you want in an electronic device.