July 2020 Service Transition

Over the last few years, our industry has changed in terms of the types of I.T. services small businesses need to run efficiently and to stay safe against the ever-changing digital threat landscape. We have been watching and studying for years the way our industry has shifted and the direction we see it going.

With this we have been upgrading our diagnostic capability and tools, developing comprehensive layered security stacks and fine-tuning our support structure to handle what Local Circuit sees as the future of small business I.T. service and security. All these changes are geared towards a proactive support and security approach which aims to keep networks like yours running smoothly and protected.  

For nearly 15 years, we have ran Local Circuit and it has gone through many changes during that period. We have worked to provide each of you with the highest level of service possible during that time. But, continuing to provide services solely when there’s an emergency problem, without proactive and preventative measures in place, is simply no longer a viable way to keep up with today’s service and security demands. Gone are the days of picking up a firewall from the local retail shop and slapping on a cheap antivirus to stay secure. It’s simply no longer enough.

So as of July 1, 2020, Local Circuit will no longer be offering hourly I.T. service and will be transitioning to provide only monthly service agreements and project I.T. work. 

Proactive support and a comprehensive layered approach to security is the absolute best way to maintain and protect your small businesses technology environment. After seeing the benefits of what we refer to as “Managed Services”, most of our small business clients have opted to upgrade their service and continue working with Local Circuit as their I.T. partner. We hope you will also let us come on board as your trusted I.T. partner in your business. Our plans start as low as $200/month.

For more information on our managed services, please visit our website: