Laptop vs Tablet: Deciding What to Buy

laptop vs tabletAre you ready to purchase a new computer, but unsure whether to go with a tablet or a laptop? Tablets have become a decidedly popular choice when people are purchasing new computers, and are definite rivals for laptops. A laptop used to be the best choice for a computer with mobility, but now the tablet has come along, as a much more compact and portable option. They are both still great devices, and the deciding factor for you should be what you want to get out of your purchase. Here are some of the factors you should consider when making your decision.

Typing or Tapping?

The biggest difference you will find between a laptop and a tablet is the keyboard. A laptop comes with one standard, which does not usually detach from the screen. Tablets tend to be without a keyboard, and while you can get something to plug into the tablet, it just isn’t quite as handy. If you will be writing a lot, it would probably be best for you to get a laptop, so that you have a sturdy, reliable keyboard attached to your computer. If you will mostly be interacting with the web by pointing, clicking, and scrolling, then a tablet is all you need. Of course, if you are really torn and can’t decide between the two, some brands have begun to offer hybrid options, where the screen of the laptop detaches to become a tablet, but this could be more expensive than choosing one or the other.

Size Matters

Another big difference between tablets and laptops is the size. While you can get smaller laptops, like netbooks, and you can get large tablets, generally a tablet is smaller and more portable than a laptop. If you are looking for a computer that travels easily and can be stored without taking up much space, a tablet is going to be more of what you need. Generally tablets are much lighter than laptops, and about the size of a small paper pad. These travel quite easily, and won’t take up much room in your bag, whereas a laptop will probably require its own bag entirely.

What’s In-Store?

It might not be the first thing you think about, but it IS important: what do you plan to keep on your computer? Tablets have a very small and finite amount of storage space available, as this is necessary to keep the size down.  This means that you can only keep a limited number of files and programs on your tablet computer. If you will mostly be using it for internet browsing, and a few apps, then this is no problem. If you want to store moderate amounts of media, documents, and programs, then you should probably go with a laptop. Even a small laptop, like a netbook, will have much more storage space available than a tablet. It is important to check the specs and make sure the machine you purchase has what you need.

  In the end, it comes down to what you need out of your machine. There are many different factors to consider, to make sure you spend your money wisely. Do some research online, or ask around with some professionals, and see what others have to say. This way you can make a fully informed decision, and benefit highly from your purchase.

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