Local PC Repair Shops vs Online IT Support Services?

Online support. Toolbox with tools on laptop. 3dFor people who are knowledgeable in the world of computer technology and have skills to be able to solve issues related to the computers and laptops we all use every day, there isn’t much need for IT support or computer repair. But for the vast majority of computer users – the tech laypersons of the world – it is a tremendous comfort knowing that the “computer geeks” who seem to be able to do magic with our tech devices are out there ready to help. When it comes to IT support and technical assistance for our computer issues, there are basically four options that any layperson has in going about getting the problem fixed.

What Are the Solutions?

The first solution is to do the fixing yourself. This is obviously the least popular which is why the IT support industry is such a thriving and profitable one. Trying to solve your own computer issues can be time-consuming and extremely frustrating, especially when you don’t have the necessary knowledge and expertise. That’s why the other three options are available, the second of which is to contact the technical support service offered by the manufacturer of the product you are using. The third option is to take your computer of laptop to a local repair shop and the fourth option is to take advantage of one of the many available online tech support and computer repair services. In most cases the first option is out of the question before the question is even asked. The second option is a bit more viable but is dependent on the validity of the warranty involved and is not always reliable. So the third and fourth options are arguably the “best” of the bunch.

How, then, do you make the best decision? Should your device be taken to a local repair shop or should you use an online service to do the job? The decision should be based on a few factors.

What is the Severity of the Problem?

If you are able to determine the seriousness of the issue and have come to the conclusion that it is severe, online services will most likely not be the right answer. If you’re unable to connect to the Internet, for example, a service that relies on connecting to your computer remotely won’t be able to do so. If your Windows platform won’t load or you cannot get your computer to power on at all then your best option – and perhaps your only one – is to take it to a local shop.

What is Your Level of Urgency?

In most cases, online help offers much faster turnaround than a local repair shop. There is no unhooking cords and cable, loading everything into your car and taking it across town to be serviced. Many online services offer longer service hours than local shops with some even available 24 hours a day. This makes online services the better option if you need your problem fixed sooner rather than later. Everyone just wants their problems solved as quickly as possible but if it’s a less serious issue, an online service will likely have the problem solved in a much shorter amount of time.


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