Project: Network Overhaul

The Local Circuit Team recently completed a full network overhaul for a local municipality’s city hall.  The project consisted of installing a new server and workstations throughout the entire network.  In addition, we migrated their users to a cloud based Microsoft Exchange server.

In order to minimized their downtime, our team spent the weekend migrating data and programs for each user, setting up a new domain and server, as well as installing features such as encrypted off-site backup for disaster recovery and remote data shares that ensure all users local data is securely backed up in case of hardware failure.

Their new hosted Microsoft Exchange server gives them the ability to sync their mail and calendars across multiple devices, including phones, desktops and laptops.  They now have the ability to share calendars and contacts instantly.  In addition, they have a new archival system that automatically archives their email to help make sure they are compliant with open record requests and other government standards.

Is your organization needing to upgrade their computer network? Give us a call today!  Don’t forget, Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP in April.  If your business is still leaning on that operating system for success, you could become very vulnerable real soon! Update Today!

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