Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection with Passwords and Encryption Keys

security wifi. internet conceptUsing a Wi-Fi connection is a great way to access the internet on your laptop or mobile device without the necessity of being plugged into a wall. Many people install routers in their homes to enable wireless internet, because it is very convenient, but if you don’t protect yourself properly Wi-Fi can be dangerous. A router can give you and the people you allow access to your internet, but it can also give access to others without your knowledge. While this may be a harmless annoyance that slows down your connection, it is more likely to be someone using your internet to do some illegal downloading or distribution. This can cause you to have your internet shut off, and even to be investigated by the authorities. Don’t worry, if you take a few simple steps to secure your Wi-Fi connection, you can protect yourself from most wireless internet hackers. You can learn more ways to secure your connection here, but we can offer you some basic safety tips below.

Passwords and Encryption Keys for Your Wi-Fi Connection

One of the first things that you should do when you install a wireless router in your home is to add some kind of password that is required in order to gain access. A password will immediately discourage a majority of people who want to access your Wi-Fi connection without your permission. Many new routers have a set up disk to help you with this process right from the beginning, but if you haven’t done this yet, all you need is an Ethernet cable, the router and manual, and your computer.

  • Connect your computer to the router with the Ethernet cable to access the router settings.
  • Use the manual or set up disk to walk you through the password steps, which are usually fairly simple.

If you don’t have the manual, you may be able to find the right instructions on the internet. The router will come with a manufacturer password, which you should change to something personalized and stronger.

You should also activate the encrypted password called a WPA or WEP key. It will be a long string of letters and numbers, which is a great security measure to protect your Wi-Fi connection. You can create one yourself, but the router is also able to generate one for you which will be very strong. Write this down, and enter it into the computers in your home which will be accessing your internet. Computers usually save this information, so you won’t have to re-enter it constantly to access your Wi-Fi.

Talk to Professional IT Support for More Information

Passwords and encryption keys are the simplest way for you to protect your wi-fi connection quickly, but certainly not the only way. You can find plenty of other methods online, like at the link mentioned at the beginning of this blog, but you can also consult with computer professionals for more advice. We would be happy to help you with anything you need in this area, if you contact us.

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