A Few Repair Tips for Laptops and PCs

Doctor With Stethoscope Fixing LaptopFrom time to time, our laptops stop working. Hopefully, it is not a regular event, but a computer freezing can happen to anyone, including owners of high-quality units. So what can you do to get your laptop to start working again, before the help of IT support? This article lists a few things you can do to get your computer to work again, and at worse, to help make things easier for your laptop to be repaired. The tips of this article apply if your laptop is able to restart on its own.

Back Up Your Data

This is such an important advice – yet ignored by so many. The last thing you want is to lose all of your files when your laptop stops working. To avoid losing your documents, pictures, and music along with your computer, make sure to back up your data regularly. You can even save the most important files unto a flash drive, CD, or even on an internet platform such as Dropbox.

Run Security Checks Regularly

Another good habit to start is to purchase a quality anti-virus software or firewall and use it to check on your unit regularly. Most software will let you know if a virus or attempt to hack your computer is detected. They may even block some risky websites for you or disable cookies. While it is not the perfect solution to avoid computer problems, not having some type of anti-virus product installed unto your laptop is practically begging for it to stop working.

Remove Duplicate or Unused Programs

Some of us like downloading games or applications unto our computers, but having too much ‘stuff’ installed on your laptop can cause it to be slow. Make sure to delete and uninstall any unused or duplicate programs. The same applies for anti-virus: having more than one is actually counter-productive for a laptop. Make sure that you only use one piece of software at a time.

Install Your Updates

Yes, they can take a while and be annoying. However, they are absolutely necessary to your laptop’s welfare. Failing to install upgrades regularly can result in your computer being too slow and hurt its performance. If you have been slacking with updates, take a few hours to install them all.

Perform a System Restore

Conducting a system restore will help start your laptop to the state it was before it started performing poorly. Doing so can be a great way to get your laptop to work again – quickly.

Restart Your Computer

It may seem obvious but sometimes it just works: restart your laptop if it freezes or runs to slow. Either press on the power button to shut your laptop or take off the battery in case the your computer won’t respond to the first solution.

These few tips can be useful when you need a quick fix for your laptop but cannot solve a bigger problem your computer may have. Contact your local laptop or computer repair shop if you feel that you need additional help for your device.




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