Top 4 Ways to Make Space on Your Computer

business, office, school and education concept - stressed busineWhen you purchased your new laptop, it ran quickly didn’t it? However, it is now the slowest thing out there, and you are pretty sure that a tortoise could beat it in a race. This is one of the most common reasons people bring their computers in for computer repair. Sometimes, the slowness of your computer can be solved quickly and easily before you ever need to bring it in for repair. This blog is going to look at the various ways in which to make space on your computer and make it work fast once again. 

1. Move Images and Music to External Drives

Since you probably have a handy smartphone that you take everywhere, you probably have an incredible amount of images and music saved on your computer. These files are quite gigantic and take up more space than you may realize. Images from smartphones are now higher quality than some DSLR cameras and music files have always been mammoths eating up space. The best thing to do is to move these all to an external hard drive. One tip is to consider having two external hard drives in order to back up your back up drive. 

2. Clear Away All Duplicate Files

Have you ever downloaded a file and placed it in a folder that you wouldn’t forget, promptly forgetting which folder you used? We all do this, and proceed to download the file again creating duplicate files. This doesn’t necessarily cause much problem at first, especially if it is small and only one or two files, but they eventually build up, taking up significant space. Go through and find the duplicate files and delete one of them. The more you are able to delete, the better. This can save you a trip to for an unnecessary laptop repair. 

3. Organize Hard Drive by Computer Defrag

A handy tool many computers come with is a defrag program which will organize your hard drive, making it easier to find things and free up space. This is something almost anyone can do on their own. They will be able to start the program and then find out if they need to defrag their computer or not. If you are feeling a bit uneasy about doing this, you can always take it toan IT support professional who know the ins and outs of defragging a computer. 

4. Delete All Unused and Old Programs

Do you remember that one program? Yes, that one. The one you downloaded about six months to a year ago and haven’t used since? It is time for you to delete it. It is taking up your precious hard drive space, and you could use that space for more important things like the latest Bruno Mars album or pictures from your vacation. Most computers have a capability that will list your programs and how often you’ve used them, as well as when you last used the specific program. This will help you find those pesky programs you’ve long since forgotten about and wouldn’t remember to delete. If you are having a hard time locating this capability on your computer, contact IT support and ask for help to locate it. 

In Closing

If cleaning up your computer doesn’t fix the problem with a slow moving device, the Local Circuit provides computer and laptop repair to get your computer back to normal. Call us today for more information about our IT support services and how we can help you!

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