Using Antivirus Software Effectively

Antivirus Concept.When you connect a computer to the internet, you introduce it to a dangerous environment that is loaded with all sorts of malicious software and hackers. The most classic example of this is the virus. It is a program that infects your computer and can do many terrible things, including steal your personal information and crash your computer. Technology has progressed, and so have hackers. There are now added dangers like malware and spyware, and these have become very well known to computer users. Because of these new dangers, some users forget that viruses are still out there lurking in ads and plugins you download. The best way to keep yourself safe, apart from staying off of the internet entirely, is to put an effective antivirus program in place. There are many rumors going around about antivirus programs, but we are here to set the record straight, and help you protect your computer properly.

Yes, You DO Need Antivirus Software

There are some opinionated people on the internet who have deemed antivirus software as outdated and unnecessary for your computer safety. While many newer computers come with security programs in place, these don’t necessarily take the place of antivirus software. If you rely on something like Window’s Defender only, you may be leaving yourself open to infection by computer virus. Surely, you don’t want that, and we don’t want that for you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Besides, what reason is there to keep antivirus software off of your computer? It is safe so long as you deal with a reputable company, and there are many free antivirus programs available, so it doesn’t have to cost you money. And you only need one.

One Antivirus Program is Enough

While some people are under the impression that having two or more antivirus programs will double your protection, they are unfortunately misinformed. Not only does it fail to provide extra protection, it can actually cause more harm than anything else. Sometimes if two antivirus programs are installed and running on the same machine, they will clash and fight with each other. In this process, a computer virus can slip by more easily. The antivirus programs will be too busy watching each other and interfering with the monitoring process to catch the real problem. Don’t open yourself up for this kind of disastrous mistake. Pick one good and solid antivirus software and that will be all you need. Of course, viruses aren’t the only danger.

Don’t Forget Spyware and Malware

Yes, advanced technology means advanced technology problems. Hackers have come up with more ways to infest your computer and make things very unpleasant for you. Antivirus will stop viruses, but not much else. You need to find good programs to protect your computer from these other threats as well. Just like with antivirus options, free programs that get the job done can be found fairly easily. Sometimes in the same place you got your other protections software. If you have any questions about protecting your computer, our team at The Local Circuit will be happy to help you.

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