Is Using a Computer Still An Unknown to Some Students?

Children at computer terminals with teacher in background (depthIt is crucial for students to have the ability to use computers and embrace technology on a daily basis.By now, every student from kindergarten through graduate school is using technology in one fashion or another; from desktops to laptops, smartphones, and tablets,today’s students will at least have access to computers via their in-school library. Many will be able to use various computer programs while at school. However, not all students will have access to that technology apart from school.

The Benefits of Using Computers Daily

For younger children, getting them comfortable using technology, specifically computers, prepares them for high school and beyond. In high school, they are expected to use specific computer programs for homework assignments. Most high school students have to have a working knowledge of document producing program such as Microsoft Word, in order to do their written assignments. Some schools teach these skills, others assume the student has already used the program. Prior knowledge on the part of younger students prepares them to jump into high school.

More Benefits

In a word, research. With a home computer and internet access, you and your student are able to research anything. Having trouble with a tricky math concept? Use the search engine to find some answers. Have you decided to give your student, or even yourself, a project? Again, you can do research via search engines and online libraries. Check your local library to find out what they offer online.

Stop the Summer Brain Drain

Studies show that students can suffer from “summer brain drain.” Having access to personal computers can prevent this brain drain. There are many programs designed to prevent this phenomenon from Khan Academy to Lego’s online. There are even programs with flashcards, (remember those?), for everything from the sciences and math to languages and literature. You can make them up and then print them, or you can use them on the computer.

When school is not in session, you are able to continue studying in a fun way via online libraries. Most everyone loves to get on their computer and “play” around. Finding areas that your student has struggled with or is interested in can give you ideas on things to work on to keep that mind sharp and ready for the new school year.

Owning a Computer and Getting Online

You do not have to shell much of money for the top of the line computer in order to help your student stay current. Many communities, school districts, and college’s offer programs that can help everyone obtain a computer at little to no cost depending on need. They are usually good, used computers that have been upgraded to run current programs.  In addition, there are many internet providers that help you get and stay online for a minimum fee.


Once you have a computer, keep it running smoothly. We have technicians who can help you with setting it up and keeping it running. Please contact us we can help you.

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