What is VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are the new wave of business. These phone systems use internet cables to transmit their calls all over the globe for far cheaper than any service has been able to do. All that is necessary is a broadband connection and the VoIP system. Customers can stay in touch by calling a regular business phone number. Many VoIP systems can be configured to ring on multiple devices, a cell phone and a land line for instance, then rolling onto a voice mail box. Moving the VoIP is as simple as moving to a new location and plugging into the broadband network. VoIP systems are not connected to a specific network, rather the internet itself.

VoIP phone systems replace land line phone systems allowing businesses to connect to people all over the globe. Unfortunately, traditional land lines are costing more and more. Many businesses are switching to VoIP especially when dealing with international orders. VoIP eliminates long distance phone bills by using internet connection for the telephone transmission. This allows a business to avoid problems when a business moves offices. The VoIP system needs only connection to the internet. When a business is virtual they might need to move frequently or daily (when partaking of a virtual office setting, for example). VoIP gives that kind of flexibility.

The relay system collects the voice signal and turns it into a digital signal. This digital signal is transmitted over the internet in data form. The data is converted back into a voice signal and transmitted on the receiving side on a regular phone, cell phone or other VoIP phone systems. There is little if any delay and it allows the user to reduce their costs significantly. The VoIP systems are typically less expensive than buying into a land line package with an established company. This process eliminates long distance fees and any additional services the conglomerates might try to charge.

Using VoIP phone systems allow for a business to save money to handle other issues with the business such as computer repair or laptop repair. There is no data backup to worry about with VoIP, all the necessary data is stored in the VoIP device itself. If it is desirable VoIP users can even jack into their laptops or computers and talk with their customers through a microphone and headphones.

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