Weird Noises on Your Computer?

Windows computerIf your computer has started to behave in a strange manner, there may be trouble brewing and you may be looking at some form of PC failure. Whether your computer has been emitting weird noises or refuses to start up normally or not at all, these are symptoms which can point to some sort of potential computer repair in your near future.

But should you go running to your nearest PC expert and pay to have your computer fixed? Not necessarily; there are steps you can take to repair your computer on your own which can help you to avoid the added cost of professional service.

Take Note of What You Were Doing

The first thing most computer help websites and professionals will tell you when you’re experiencing computer problems is to identify what you were doing on your machine when the issue occurred. This activity will often point to the solution.

For example, if your computer crashes whenever you open a particular program, something may have happened to corrupt that program’s files. In this case, a reinstallation of the program would likely solve the issue. If you weren’t experiencing any problems with your computer prior to the download of some kind of program, you may have gotten a virus from the site where the program was downloaded. This scenario would involve running a virus and malware scan to eliminate any bugs.

Keep in mind that any external storage device connected to your computer when the errors occurred will also need to be scanned for viruses and malware, so as to prevent further infection.

Stop Viruses in Their Tracks

Finding out that your computer has contracted a virus doesn’t mean you have to panic. Granted, there are several nasty viruses out there than can – and have – done serious damage, both to individual and networked computers. But before you hit the panic button, one great way to prevent your information from being stolen by a sneaky virus is to log into all of your online accounts and change your password.

However, the way in which you change passwords is also important. Many viruses contain key logger programs, which will record every keystroke on your computer. That being said, it can pay to investigate online password generators. These will generate random passwords that you can copy and paste instead of keying in. Take a portion of one generated password, and then a portion of another to make a password that’s entirely unique. When you’ve changed all of your passwords, make sure you are storing them on some kind of device that can be removed. One example is a USB drive.

Go Online For Advice

The internet continues to be a treasure trove of advice for just about every computer problem. Forums and knowledge bases can provide valuable information about how to address particular issues with virtually any system.

Of course, it may be that everything you’ve tried just didn’t seem to work. If this is the case and you live in the Denton, Texas area, we offer complete computer repair service. We also guarantee all of our work 100%. Call us today at 940.484.8999 or get in touch with our knowledgeable support staff by emailing [email protected].

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