Why Local Circuit

CJIS Certified Technicians & Background Checks

100% of our technical staff have been fingerprinted and have passed multiple background checks to be eligible to work at Local Circuit. Additionally, they are CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Service) certified and approved by both state and local law enforcement agencies to provide technical support for local municipalities and their police departments.  So you can rest easy knowing your network and data are being handled safely and securely by our staff.

Additionally, Local Circuit is a member of InfraGard, a partnership program between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and private sector businesses designed to help protect critical U.S. infrastructure.

One thing we have found over the years is it’s hard to budget for certain hardware failures, specifically when it comes to network hardware such as firewalls, switches, and access points. During the onboarding process, you will be asked to make a hardware investment that allows us to bring your network up to our security standards, but the hardware is yours for life! We look at this as an investment into your business’s I.T. infrastructure, utilizing hardware that has been tested and designed for small businesses.

We practice what we preach and use the exact same hardware stack in our own network, so we are not asking you to invest in anything which we have not already invested in ourselves. In trade for your agreement to make this investment, for as long as you are a client of Local Circuit, you will never have to worry about replacing them again. As they age out or need to be replaced for any reason, we will replace them for you at no cost. This is just another way in which we help you “Experience I.T. Freedom”.

Lifetime Network Hardware

Goodbye Contracts

We strive to be a valued partner with your business and desire to work with you because you want us there and not because some contract says so. We have simple month to month agreements that break down our service, pricing, and availability. It’s just that simple!

Backups are one of, if not the most important services we provide for our clients.  Our redundant backup solutions are designed for a quick recovery by using both in-house and secure cloud storage solutions so that no matter what, your data is recoverable.  Our staff verifies the status of all backups daily but takes the process one step further with monthly human backup recovery testing.  We don't just trust the reports which say your data is backed up, we verify the data with monthly recovery testing performed by actual technicians.

Human Backup Testing

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"I have been working with...Local Circuit for 10 years. They are quick to respond to any of our technology needs and provide great security-focused I.T. support to my company."