Data Backup and Recovery

We believe that a proper data backup and recovery procedure is the most important process a business can have in place in today’s digital world. So much so that we embrace the “Two is One and One is None” philosophy for our client’s data backup.

Not every business will get hit with a natural disaster, fire, or flood. But at some point, every business will experience some level of data loss. From malicious activity such as ransomware or hostile employee actions or even accidental deletions or hard drive failures, your data can disappear in an instant.

All client data is kept at a minimum in three locations. The first being their live data followed by redundant backups, both locally at your office and then encrypted in our secure data center. Just like a layered approach to network security is best practice, a layered backup approach works the same way. Having redundant backup measures ensures your data is safe and replicated in multiple locations. This approach ensures the integrity of your data and a quick recovery time. Local Circuit combines this approach with our daily backup checks and monthly human backup restoration checks to ensure your data is safe and quickly able to be restored.

All our managed endpoints come with our Ransom Protect data backup program. This software scans your entire computer and backs up what we consider mission-critical files such as PDFs, Word documents, QuickBooks backup files, and more automatically.


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"Local Circuit is one of the best IT companies around. For the past 32 years as a military officer, I have worked with hundreds of IT professionals. Personally....I would put (them) against the "best of the best" in the IT world. (Their) customer service is top-notch. No problem too small or large."