VoIP Telephones

The days of copper telephone lines are coming to an end. With internet-based VoIP telephones, your team can have the best communication experience possible. From desk phones to cell phones or even an application right on your desktop computer, you can have a unified communications platform on any device, wherever you are in the world.

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VoIP telephone systems are revolutionizing the way businesses communicate today. With an internet-based telephone system you can set up remote and home offices just like they were in the office down the hall. VoIP systems also allow for numerous customizations over normal landline-based systems, all configurable through a web-based interface accessible from anywhere you have internet.

Modern Phone Hardware

Free phones for every extension that feature color screens, on call real time presence notifications, digital button labels and more. Just like with our Lifetime Networking Hardware platform, your new phones are always under warranty and will be replaced for free, as long as your VoIP agreement is in place.

Unlimited Calling

Call anywhere in the US as much as you want, all paired with affordable international rates.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Tie your extension to your mobile device with the Cytracom mobile and desktop applications. Answer calls, utilize business SMS text messaging and more right from your devices.

Other Features

Virtual Assistant & Preconfigured Extensions

Customized Hold Music & Messages

e911 Emergency Calling

Port your current phone number

Voicemail to Email

Multiple voicemail greeting option

Find Me Follow Me options

Incoming call ring groups

Do not disturb options

Call forwarding and call blocking

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