How to Protect Your Laptop During Summer: Four Tips

An image of a man with burned legs from a hot laptop.If you are like most laptop owners, you rely on your device for a wide variety of tasks; you carry your laptop at your side rain or shine. Unfortunately, immunity against the weather is not one of the trusty laptop’s prime features, as evidenced by multiple trips to a reputable laptop repair service. As summer solstice approaches, the days are getting longer and hotter. Summer weather conditions can create a multitude of “health” problems for your laptop that result in a less-than-efficient technological experience in the long run:

  • Decreased battery efficiency or death due to high temperatures.
  • Overall damage due to outdoor exposure (water, sun, wind, etc.).
  • Electrical problems due to extreme heat.
  • Damage to inner components due to humidity.
  • Melted hardware due to hot temperatures.
  • Slower processing speed.

Below are a few essential tips on how to protect your laptop from overheating during these hot summer days.

Tip One: Your Car Is Not a Safe Zone

Laptops were made to be portable, and you take yours with you just about everywhere. However, in the summertime it is especially important to avoid leaving your laptop in your vehicle. The temperature inside of your car is guaranteed to be far more intense than the temperature outside of your car – leaving it inside is nothing short of abuse. A laptop is a delicate piece of machinery and should not be left in summer heat, again, especially in your car.

Tip Two: Your Laptop Needs Rest Too

Running your laptop for an extended period of time is bad in general because laptops easily overheat when placed on non-ventilated areas. Obviously, this problem is greatly intensified in the summer months. Avoid frying your laptop by letting it rest when you begin to feel it’s external temperature rising. Laptop repair shops often deal with this issue because people do not take preemptive action. Letting your laptop cool down only takes a few minutes and will prevent your device from melting, crashing, and all manner of nasty ailments.

Tip Three: Your Laptop Needs Breathing Room

Ventilation is absolutely key when the temperatures start rising. Proper circulation beneath your laptop can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping the device functioning smoothly in warm weather. Try using cooling fans and special cooling stands to prevent your laptop from smothering itself in the heat.

Tip Four: Air Conditioning is Your Laptop’s Best Friend

If at all possible, try using your laptop only in air conditioned areas during extreme temperatures. Keep in mind that if you need to take your laptop outside, you may need to let it “test the waters” a little bit by letting it adjust to a gradually lowering temperature. Transporting your laptop from a cold room directly to a hot environment may cause your laptop to go into a sort of “shock”, thus preventing it from acclimating to the new environment well.

By keeping these four tips in mind when using your laptop, you should be able to avoid the unfortunate side of summertime technology use. Keep in mind, however, that even the most meticulously cared for laptops may develop heat or element related problems. When this occurs, it may be best to contact a trusted laptop repair professional. Keeping these tips tucked away in the back of your mind and taking your laptop in for checkups and repairs regularly will keep your laptop running well throughout the summer season.


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